Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mobicents SS7 1.0.0.BETA9 Released!!

We are very happy to announce release of Mobicents SS7 1.0.0.BETA9

This release has many changes at SCCP and M3UA level.

SCCP is now capable of taking care of management SubsystemTest, SubsystemProhibited and SubsystemAvailable process. Also the rules configured at SCCP level can now take the expression for Global Title digit matching. SCCP also maintains the remote signaling point and remote subsystem and is capable of failover at point code level (Replicate subsystem). SCCP stack takes care of MTP3 primitives PAUSE, RESUME and STATUS and manages the stack status accordingly.

M3UA has been greatly enhanced and many bugs fixed. This fixes wouldn't have been possible without Donald Walters who helped us test the USSD over M3UA with Cisco ITP Switches. Big thanks to Donald!

Includes other fixes.


Release includes:


  • ASN library
  • SS7 protocols including the lowest layer MTP2/MTP3 to higher layer ISUP, SCCP, TCAP and MAP
  • Mobicents Service
  • Native libraries for linux os to interact with diguim and dialogic cards
  • Mobicents Signaling Gateway
  • Shell Management Interface

For details on stack creation and configuration please refer to docs available online

The examples are not part of release. Please refer to JSLEE 2.1+ GA or subsequent MSS release.

Note that this release is a BETA. Modules are under development and some parts MAY change.

Let us know if you have any issues.

Where to download from?

Release Contents

ASN v1.0.0.BETA3
SS7 v1.0.0.BETA9

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How to Use it?

Please refer to online documentation.

More Information

For more detailed information, please visit the following sites:

Mobicents Google Group, for posting questions

Mobicents Homepage
Mobicents SS7 page

Mobicents SS7 Team