Friday, September 23, 2011

Mobicents SS7 Gateway Released!!

Here comes the very first official binary release of Mobicents SS7 Gateway.

What is Mobicents SS7 Gateway?

Mobicents team has been working on SS7 stack for quite sometime now. You will find all the details here. Mobicents also has a high-performance, scalable and fault tolerant JAIN SLEE Server over which we have developed MAP Resource Adaptor (RA) and Java Call Control Adaptor (JCC RA).
There is increasing demand from community and few of our customers to have independent gateway that can take care of MAP messages viz, USSD, SMS and LMS out-of-box, hence the idea of Mobicents SS7 Gateway was born. Initially it was named as Mobicents USSD Gateway, but its much more than just USSD and can take care of LMS and SMS as well. Hence we decided to call it as Mobicents SS7 Gateway. Though the first release BETA1 is only capable of USSD and from BETA2 release it will include other services.

Feature Overview

  • High Level API : Simplified interface for application developers developing applications over USSD, SMS and LMS. The GW communicates over HTTP/SIP and is configurable and hence Application developers need not dive in ocean of SS7. Bellow diagram shows the architecture overview of Gateway (GW)
  • HTTP / SIP API : Once GW is configured to use HTTP or SIP, the XML payload is exchanged between GW and Application over configured protocol.
  • Application systems have no dependency on Operating System or middle-ware tier. The GW sends pure HTTP/SIP messages and Application deployed over any web-server's like JBoss/Tomcat/Microsoft - IIS/Oracle Weblogic/IBM Websphere etc for HTTP and any SIP Server like Mobicents Sip Servlets/SailFin/Cipango/OCCAS can execute the business logic.
  • Tools : GW is bundled with Simulator which helps to simulate the actual MAP messages over M3UA. There is no need to have access to real SS7 environment for development environment increasing the efficiency and turn arround time.
  • Application : The same application can work over any SS7 network connecting to multiple operator's.

Download from here

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Enjoy the Gateway!