Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mobicents jSS7 2.0.0.BETA2 Released!

We are happy to announce a new Mobicents jSS7 release, v2.0.0.BETA2!

What's new in this release?

This release is jam packed with new features
  1. The client side command line interface provides tab completion and help for every command. Look at Issue 2
  2. CAP V2 circuit switched call fully implemented (Issue 10)
  3. New MAP messages CheckIMEI (Issue 76) implemented
  4. All the unimplemented MAP/CAP messages have API interfaces already defined  (Issue 104Issue 105Issue 106Issue 107Issue 108)
  5. M3UA ASP ID can now be configured at ASP creation time (Issue 15)
  6. SCTP layer supports configuring server that accepts connection from anonymous ip:port 
  7. Added support for ANSI Point Code format (both 5bit and 8bit SLS) (Issue 3)
  8. Support for WinOS native drivers for Dialogic
  9. Enhanced SS7 simulator to act as SMS Center for testing  (Issue 73)

In addition many bugs fixed and some performance improvements. Complete list of issues covered in this release are listed here

Other features implemented but not included in this binary is completion of TCAP RA and CAP RA which will be bundled with next release of JAIN SLEE Server

Please note that archives are now uploaded to Please point to sonatype repository in your applications pom.xml

                          <name>Mobicens Public Maven Repository Group</name>


Binary release includes
  • ASN 2.0.1.FINAL
  • SCTP 1.0.0.CR4 
  • SS7 2.0.0.BETA2


Home page for each project 

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 How to Use it?

Please refer to documentation in /ss7 module for detailed explanation.

More Information

For more detailed information, please visit the following sites:

Mobicents jSS7 Team