Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mobicents SS7 1.0.0.CR2 Released!

We are happy to announce of Mobicents SS7 1.0.0.CR2.

Thanks to all contributors who tested and reported bugs to make this release more solid!

The main focus was to stabilize the stack and change M3UA architecture to get support for IPSP and introduce single exchange as well as double exchange of ASP state maintenance and traffic maintenance messages. Also introduced SCTP library that makes M3UA independent of transport layer.

We hate to change the API in between CR releases, but in this case we had to as M3UA was already blocking the flexibility to add new features and fixes. If you are using M3UA from CR1, I request you to thoroughly read the SCTP and M3UA chapter in docs as also the commands have changed.

Another achievement for CR2 is we removed the polling mechanism from abstract MTP3 layer which was consuming 100% CPU. Rather it now uses the blocking method where thread waits for data to arrive or when the layer ontop wants to send the data. This way CPU load increases gradually with load.

As usual made bug fixes.


Release includes:


  • ASN library
  • SCTP library
  • ss7 protocols layer ISUP, SCCP, TCAP and MAP
  • Mobicents Service
  • Shell Management Interface

For details on stack creation and configuration please refer to docs available online

The examples are not part of release. Please refer to JSLEE 2.5.0.FINAL

Let us know if you have any issues.

Where to download from?

Release Contents

  • ASN v1.0.0.CR1
  • SCTP v1.0.0.BETA1
  • SS7 v1.0.0.CR2

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How to Use it?

Please refer to online documentation.

More Information

For more detailed information, please visit the following sites:

Mobicents Google Group, for posting questions (

Mobicents Homepage (

Mobicents SS7 Team

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