Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mobicents SMSC Gateway achieves 1000 SMS/Sec rate!

Mobicents SMSC is first and only open source SMSC Gateway completely on Java. Last week SMSC Gateway was put under stress in production environment at one of the Tier-1 operators.

We are glad to announce that Mobicents SMSC Gateway achieved 1000 SMS/Sec rate and successfully delivered 1 billion SMS's per day per SMSC instance. With Cluster of 4 SMSC instances doing load balance, it easily reaches 3.8 Billion SMS per day.

The test environment was based on "Bulk SMS" application where ESME would submit the SMS's to SMSC and SMSC in-turn would do MAP SRI for MSISDN and then ForwardSM. Since this was real life scenario, there were Components Error like user not available and other MAP error conditions which SMSC handled gracefully.

The Bulk SMS Application used is developed and contributed by TeleStax partners Convergence 

Mobicents SMSC Gateway is deployed on Quad Core Dual Processor Servers - Intel Xeon X5570. The OS is CentOS 5.8.  JVM minimum(-Xms) and maximum(-Xmx) memory set is 3GB.

Below is the wireshark screenshot showing the throughput from ESME

For each SMS on an average there were 4 MAP messages getting exchanged; the throughput in terms of MAP is more than 4000 MAP messages/sec. Below is the wireshark analysis of MAP messages


  1. Dear all,
    I wanna ask you some questions about the environment of your smsc test to archive 1000 SMS/s
    - How many associations used?
    - In one association, do you use multihoming or unihoming
    - If you use 1 association, how many sms/s you will get?
    - Other condition to archive 1000sms/s?
    - Your smsc archive 1000sms/s --> 86400000. But you get 1B sms/day, why?

    1. Just came to this post. To achieve 1B SMS a day per instance in ideal situation (no MAP errors occur) SMSC must keep an average rate of 11500 MPS (messages per second) or 46000 TPS ( 4 MAP transactions per a message). I cannot say this is real.

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